This state with very high flood-risk is also a state that doesn’t require realtors to inform home buyers of their prospective home’s likelihood of flooding

One of my neighbors came by the other day, and leaned her very tanned arms across my gate. She bought a $6 million house down the street, and when she dropped her Gucci sunglasses to her nose, I could see the look of concern. With a sigh, she asked: Did I know where to buy sandbags? She’d just finished rearranging the garage, taking items out of the standing water and…

At last, we have arrived at the week of the Inauguration. After months of nail-biting uncertainty, we hope soon we can return to some semblance of democracy fairly and safely. Now we ask: which items on the current List of American Anxieties worry you the most in 2021 — which make you wonder if we’re going to make it through the year without too much more agony? The pandemic, or political polarization? How about racial injustice, or terrorism? If you were a risk analyst, you’d have a field day trying to calculate which of these still might go terribly wrong.

By K R R Carpenter and George Fechter

I am sheltering in place like most Americans, which allows time for reflection on the Covid-19 threat, the imperative of social distancing, the wearing of masks and the need for constant hand-washing.

The computer models show us that this pandemic may take between 200,000 and 2,000,000 US lives, an intimidating number either way. We’ve been asking why we weren’t better prepared. Why so few test kits, unlike what South Korea had, why so few ventilators and treatments? …

K R R Carpenter

Carpenter works for Resilient Enterprise Solutions in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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